Our specialty is working with scientifically validated pure, natural raw materials with proven efficacy


Private labelling

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Your new product range could be closer than you think

Our private labelling service allows you to create a product using your own brand, without the cost of product development.

We have more than 200 formulations scientifically validated as pure, natural raw materials with proven efficacy for you to choose from, across a range of products including:

PLTable-Baby-iconBABY PLTable-Body-iconBODY CARE PLTable-Face-iconFACE CARE PLTable-Hair-iconHAIR CARE & BATH PLTable-Sun-iconSUN CARE PLTable-Therapeutic-iconTHERAPEUTIC

Baby bath

Baby wash

Bath oil

Cradle cap oil

Eczema cream


Massage oil

Moisturiser lotion

Nappy change cream

Nappy rash paste

No tears shampoo

Soothing oil

Sunscreen (SPF values up to 50+)

Teething gel

After shave lotion


Body deodorant

Body exfoliator

Body lotion (for any skin type)

Body mud

Body oil

Body wash (for any skin type)

Cuticle cream

Foot balm

Foot scrub

Hand cream

Hand lotion

Hand scrub

Hand wash

Massage oil

Pre-shave lotion

Shave cream

Anti-wrinkle cream

Cleanser (for any skin type)


Eye cream

Eye make-up remover

Eye roll-on serum

Face mask (for any skin type)

Face serum (for any skin type)

Face wash (for any skin type)


Hydrating mist


Night cream (for any skin type)

Tinted moisturiser

Toner (for any skin type)

2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner

Bath oil

Bath salts

Bubble bath

Conditioner (for any hair type)

Fizzing bath tablets

Hair mask (for any hair type)

Hair styling cream

Hair treatment

Leave-in conditioner

Shampoo (for any hair type)


After sun gel

After sun lotion

Body sunscreen (SPF values up to 50+)

Face sunscreen (SPF values up to 50+)

Lip balm (SPF values up to 50+)

Self-tan lotion

Sunscreen spray (SPF values up to 50+)

Tanning oil

Tinted lip and cheek balm (SPF values up to 50+)

Tinted sunscreen (SPF values up to 50+)

Water resistant sunscreen (SPF values up to 50+)

Acne cream

Acne lotion

Acne wash

Bite and burn cream

Cellulite cream

Cellulite wash

Chest rub

Eczema cream

Eczema wash

Hand sanitiser

Head lice products

Heel balm

Muscle rub

Nipple care cream

Sports balm

Stretch mark lotion


By using one of our private label
formulations for your products you will:

Minimise  product development costs

Comply with GMP quality standards

Speed-up your time-to-market.

Our turn-key product development expertise and close client collaboration has been pivotal in developing a number of leading skin care, cosmeceutical, and therapeutic professional care lines for mass retailers, boutiques, upscale spas and dermatologists.

We are uncompromising in our commitment to excellence in both
product quality and customer service.

We also can help you with all your packaging requirements – from selecting the right materials to label and packaging design. Learn more

We would be delighted to assist you to turn your private label product range into a commercial success. Get in touch

Need a custom formulation? We also offer Contract Manufacturing and Product Development services.

Private Skin Care Line

Brand Your Private Skin Care Line Without the Hassle of Development

The Wild Child Cosmeceuticals team has a reputable name in the industry of natural skin and body care solutions and is your perfect partner when you want to brand your private skincare line. You don’t need to spend hours of your time and exorbitant amounts of money on research and development as we have several skincare ranges ready for branding. Our team can even take care of the minor details of labelling and packaging on your behalf.

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Private Label Moisturiser

Private Label Moisturiser Made Using Effective Natural Raw Materials

Wild Child Cosmeceuticals has an extensive range of products available, including our private label moisturiser, which allows you to be creative in your own branding while enjoying great cost savings in terms of product development. You can take advantage of any one of more than 200 formulations we have, which have been validated through scientific processes and contain pure raw materials known for their efficiency.

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