Quitnits has been Helping families break the head lice cycle for 20 years.

Providing a complete management solution, Quitnits is a no fuss and effective treatment for head lice. Go ahead and QUIT THE NITS!

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No nut oils
No malathion or permethrin
No genetically modified
No Propylene Glycol
Not tested on animals
Not harmful to waterways


One of Australia’s leading brands for 20 years

The first Quitnits product was developed in 1997 and was one of the world’s first essential oil based head lice treatments. Since then Quitnits has become one of the most trusted, leading head lice products in Australia. The Quitnits range encompasses many different product types specifically designed to suit various preferences and treatment regimes. From spray applications to leave in shampoos Quitnits can offer a solution for the toughest louse outbreak.


I have used Quitnits One or Rapid and can still see live lice what should I do?
Sometimes the treatment has not had sufficient contact or contact time with the live lice and they appear to move quite slowly. They can be easily removed with the included nit comb.
After using Quitnits One or Rapid I can still see eggs attached
to the hair the following day. Has the treatment failed?
 Louse eggs are attached to the hair shaft with a glue like protein called chitin, this is sometimes hard to remove and will over release over a period of time. If there are only a few eggs and cases in the hair they can be removed either with the fingernails or with a fine toothed nit comb.
I or my child suffer from asthma,
can I use your product?
Quitnits products do not contain ingredients that are known to cause asthma attacks. If there is a history of allergy to essential oils consult your health care provider for advice.




I used Quitnits treatment but
my child came home from school re-infested two days later. Can I use Quitnits again?
Quitnits does not contain malathion or permethrin so it can be used as frequently as required.
I have used a treatment before that left my hair very dry. Will this happen with Quitnits?
Quitnits products will leave the hair soft and shiny just like a normal hair conditioner.
My child seems to be constantly infested with lice, while other children are not affected, why is this?
Insects are attracted to humans by different pathways but it is generally thought that they “prefer” certain people due to their pheromones.

I used another head lice treatment brand to get rid of lice, can I still use Quitnits Defence Spray?
Quitnits Defence Spray can be used after any brand of head lice treatment.
My child has head lice do I need to treat the whole family?
Not necessarily, the important thing is to diagnose first, if there is evidence of lice then you should treat otherwise regular inspection should be enough to keep the family lice free.

The Louse Life Cycle

Day 0

Egg is laid & glued to a hair shaft.

Day 8-9

First moult, 2 days after hatching.

Day 11-12

Second moult, 5 days after hatching.

Day 16-17

Third moult, 10 days after hatching.

After the third moult, the male and larger female begin to reproduce

Day 17-19

The female lays the first egg 1-2 days after mating.

Day 19-32

Female lays 4-8 eggs per day over the next 16 days.

Day 33-35

The louse dies at around a month old.


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